Monday, February 7, 2011

52 Letters in 52 Weeks - #4

Letter #4 in the 52 Letters in 52 Weeks Project was mailed at the end of January to my friend Kerry who lives in New York City.  Like me she's a Cincinnati native; unlike me she married a man who quickly whisked her to the Big Apple while I migrated to the suburbs, otherwise known as the "Big Snooze."  Actually I'm much better suited to the somewhat quieter experience of Ohio than the crowds of Manhattan, yet hearing of her experiences makes me feel like I'm getting news from another galaxy, especially since Kerry doesn't have any children and has a busy career.

I filled her in on our frequent snowstorms.  When I get a return letter I'm sure it will be filled with insinuations that I'm a complete wimp considering what NYC got blasted with in December.  Just to be a thorn in her behind, I mentioned how the traffic in my small town is getting to be just impossible and she wouldn't believe how much they're charging for one-bedroom apartments around here... 

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