Wednesday, February 2, 2011

52 Letters in 52 Weeks - #3

Letter #3 in Katy Wolk-Stanley's letter writing challenge was sent out a couple weeks ago to an old friend named Richard.  He and I worked together twenty years ago when I was in advertising and he was a photographer.  We were very close for the five years or so we worked together and then he went on to bigger and better things.  Thanks to the Internet we managed to keep in touch with e-mails, but since these usually came about once or twice a year, a thorough letter was in order.  I figured he would appreciate the extra effort I put forth by writing the letter by hand with my Waterford fountain pen.  He used to do calligraphy for his wife and designed his own seal to use with sealing wax on his envelopes.

One thing Richard and I had in common back in the day was a love of music, particularly 60's British Invasion, so I told him about our family's trip to Cleveland last year.  We went to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, so I told him all about John Lennon's piano and Mick Jagger's pants.  (By the way, the latter has a teeny, tiny waist.)  I told him about my recent attendance at the David Cassidy concert at The Newport Syndicate and about my son's report on George Harrison for English class.

I hope to get a letter back, complete with my name in calligraphy and nice red sealing wax on the back.

David Cassidy

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