Wednesday, January 26, 2011

52 Letters in 52 Weeks - #2

I have been faithfully taking part in Katy Wolk-Stanley's 52 Weeks - 52 Letters Challenge (  However, I've been unfaithful in blogging about my letter writing, so today I begin catching up...

As a child, Carolyn was one of my close friends.  She left Cincinnati just as we were entering our tween years and moved to California.  She lived near Hawthorne, California (home of The Beach Boys) and occasionally sent me surf reports to make me jealous.  I was a rabid fan of Dennis Wilson, the drummer, and had he not tragically drowned in 1983 she probably would have sent me fake stories of spotting him in the waves.

Like many childhood relationships, we grew apart over the teenage years and only had sporadic contact through the 90s and into the new millennium.  I mailed her a long, lovely letter week before last, telling her of Ohio's unusually cold and snowy December.  As I stare out my dining room window to my snow covered backyard and the deer that wander in to snack from my bird feeder, I have no doubt that any day now I'll receive a cheery missive from California telling me of the warm sunshine and the author's ever darkening tan...just to make me jealous.
My children in Virginia Beach

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